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“You cannot know enough about something that kills you"

Vincent Dunn's book, The Firefighter's Battlespace. In the foreground a group of firefighters work to put out a raging fire in a church.





Vincent Dunn's latest book, Firefighting: Battlespace Combat. Firefighters work to rush a hoseline into a restaurant while walls collapse and smoke billows out of the windows.




Vincent Dunn's book, Fire: The Battlespace Enemy. On the cover a silhouetted firefighter looks back on the dramatic explosion of a massive high-rise building in NYC.



Vincent Dunn's book, Strategy of Firefighting. A firefighter looks out into the night surrounded by complete darkness except for the bright pile of burning wood and rubble.




Vincent Dunn's book, Safety and Survival on the Fireground. A Firefighter stands his ground with tools in both hands as fire whips around him on all sides.

Fire Safety


Vincent Dunn's book, Collapse of Burning Buildings. The background photo captures a building helplessly engulfed in fire collapsing as firefighters look on.





The Story of Vincent Dunn

  • A picture taken of Vincent Dunn as the Commander of Division 3 in midtown Manhattan.


    Humble Beginnings

    Vincent Dunn worked as a firefighter for 42 years in midtown Manhattan, where he walked his way through the ranks to become Commander of Division 3.

  • Closeup of Vincent Dunn as he teaches a class, working as an associate professor in the mechanical engineering department of Manhattan College.

    Early 1980s


    Dunn worked as an associate professor in the mechanical engineering department of Manhattan College, where he taught Fire Engineering.

  • Vincent Dunn while on duty doing investigative work for the National Institute of Standards and Technology. He is calling someone on the phone.

    November 2002

    Investigative Work

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology selected him to serve as a consultant in its investigation into the collapse of the World Trade Center.

  • Vincent Dunn at his table at a book signing, arm in arm with a high-ranking representative from ProBooks. There is a display of Chief Dunn's latest book behind them.

    January 2017

    Author and Teacher

    An accomplished author, Dunn has written many books which have served as the teaching curriculum and testing material within the fire department.