Strategy and Tactics Answers



House of Worship
One story (equal to five story) i00' x 200'
Heavy timber (mill) construction 
Fire Location: First floor fully "altar area"

Challenge Answers

1. First attack hose line: Stretch a large diameter supply line ( 2 1/2 inch diameter) with 50 psi nozzle press in order to reach upper ceiling of church. 
Stretch 2nd large diameter back up hose. If two hand lines do not extinguish the blaze back out and set up defensive attack.
3. Ground ladder none . 4. Primary ventilation To vent the interior upper reaches of house of worship vent the front "rose" window
or front windows higher than the rose window.
Side windows of a house of worship generally do not extend to peak ceiling area. 5. Aerial ladder: position tower ladder in "corner safe areas" and extend ladder for possible master stream use
through rose window or higher windows.
If there are no choir seats or pipe organs in front of windows the master stream may extinguish fire
in the upper reaches of the ceiling area and prevent
fire extension to concealed roof space and roof beams. 6. Primary life hazard: the firefighters. 7. Interior fire spread: Fire may spread to concealed roof space above ceiling,to bell tower and choir loft. 8. Exterior fire spread: radiant heat on all four sides and flying brands downwind. Prepare for fire burning through the roof. Position four aerial
streams on each of four side of house of worship. If high rise buildings surround house of worship position hose lines on upper floors directed
at flames burning through roof. All firefighters and aerial stream apparatus positioned outside collapse zone. 9. Collapse hazard: Large metal hanging lighting fixtures, ceiling collapse, heavy metal bells in tower collapse,
steeple collapse, roof collapse which may push out side walls. 10. Worse case scenario: Backdraft explosion inside church during interior firefighting. And see
collapse dangers listed above.

Note#1: FDNY Fireground designation system (clockwise) 1. is the street 2. is the left side
( as you face the front of the building) 3. is the rear. 4. is the right side.

Note #2: FDNY "Fire Building" designation system for row store/dwellings
Occupancies to the left of fire occupancy: Exposure #2; #2A; #2B; etc.
Occupancies to the right of fire occupancy: Exposure #4; #4A; #4B; etc.

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