Strategy and Tactics Answers


Photo by: Harvey Eisner Editor and Chief Firehouse Magazine


New Law Tenement (Multiple Dwelling) 
Five story, ordinary construction (Class 3 nonfireproof)
Fire Location:
Fire on the fourth floor

Challenge Answers

1.First attack hose line to 4th floor via interior stair.
2.Second attack hose line to 4th floor to back up first line. Third line to floor above.
Fourth hoseline stretched to front of building to await order. Send up fire escape or exposure 4. 3.Ground ladder not used 4.Primary ventilation roof bulkhead skylight and door. 5.Aerial (tower) ladder position in front of building raise to 5th floor and vent front windows. 6.Primary life hazard fire floor and floor above. 7.Interior fire spread: concealed space, bathroom and kitchen utility poke through holes, and air shaft 8.Exterior fire spread: air shafts and auto exposure (window to window) 9.Collapse hazard: ceiling collapse in fire apartment 10. Worse case scenario: Fire in air shaft has already communicated to exposure 4;

Note: FDNY Fireground designation system (clockwise) 1. is the street 2. is the left side ( as you face the front of the building) 3. is the rear. 4. is the right side.

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