Strategy and Tactics Answers



Commercial Strip Stores (Taxpayers)
One story 25' X 200'
Fire Location:
Center store 1st floor, spreading to exposure #4 

Challenge Answers

1. First attack hose line operate into fire store.
2. Second attack hose line to exposure#4 store.Third line to exposure 2 store.
3. Ground ladder to front of building exposure #2 A; second ladder exposure #4 c. 
4. Primary verntilation skylight over store(this venting is done imediately upon arrival before front glass taken out)
cut vent opening in roof if fire in cockloft;remove front glass windows. 5. Aerial ladder to cover front of building exposure #2 and #4 sides of fire store. 6. Primary life hazard cooks and cleaning personnel sleeping in store. 7. Interior fire spread: cockloft;then to exposure # 4; check cellar fire may have started there and spread to lst floor. 8. Exterior fire spread: Check the rear of stores; exposure #4,4A,4B,4C etc. 9. Collapse hazard: ceiling collapse;parapet wall,roof failure,roof machinery. 10. Worse case scenario: backdraft explosion;ceiling collapse,fire started in cellar.

Note#1: FDNY Fireground designation system (clockwise) 1. is the street 2. is the left side
( as you face the front of the building) 3. is the rear. 4. is the right side.

Note #2: FDNY "Fire Building" designation system for row store/dwellings
Occupancies to the left of fire occupancy: Exposure #2; #2A; #2B; etc.
Occupancies to the right of fire occupancy: Exposure #4; #4A; #4B; etc.

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