Strategy and Tactics Answers



Vacant factory
Four story 200' x 200'
Heavy timber (mill) construction 
Fire Location: Top floor fully involved and through the roof

Challenge Answers

1. First attack hose line is a large diameter supply line from hydrant to manifold in front of building.
2. Second attack hose line is another large diameter supply line from hydrant to manifold in rear of building.
3. Ground ladder none . 
4. Primary ventilation unnecessary fire is through the roof and  exterior attack is the strategy.
5. Aerial ladder pipe put into service as first line. Three other aerial platforms special called. One set up at each side of building outside of the collapse zone.
6. Primary life hazard , are the firefighters.  This is a vacant building.
7. Interior fire spread: is a large open 4th floor space. Fire is dropping down open shaft ways, and vertical openings.
8. Exterior fire spread:  radiant heat on all four sides and flying brands downwind.
9. Collapse hazard: roof collapse, floor collapse and exterior wall collapse. 
10. Worse case scenario:  low water pressure, repositioning of apparatus due to radiant heat waves, industrial storage tanks left inside the building may explode.

Note#1: FDNY Fireground designation system (clockwise) 1. is the street 2. is the left side
( as you face the front of the building) 3. is the rear. 4. is the right side.

Note #2: FDNY "Fire Building" designation system for row store/dwellings
Occupancies to the left of fire occupancy: Exposure #2; #2A; #2B; etc.
Occupancies to the right of fire occupancy: Exposure #4; #4A; #4B; etc.

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