Strategy and Tactics Answers




Occupancy: Garden type apartment

Construction: Two story ordinary (class III) construction

Fire Location: Fire on the 2nd floor and possibly cockloft spreading to exposure # 2

Challenge Answers

1.First attack hose line: to 2nd floor (Fire floor) via interior stair to protect life. 2.Second attack hose line: to top floor of exposure #2 .
Open ceilings check for fire extension. Third line to top floor of exposure # 4. 3.Ground ladder: top (2nd) floor fire apartment for ventilation and search if possible.
Another ladder to rear top floor. And third ladder to exposure # 2 for search and safety. 4.Primary ventilation: Roof skylight and roof scuttlecover if present.
Vent top floor front and rear windows. Thermal pane windows may be difficult to vent
and delay window venting and reduce effectivness. Possible roof ventilation if fire reported in cockloft.
Immediate roof ventilation cut roof over fire with power saw and push down ceiling with hook. 5.Aerial ladder: to roof of fire building (exposure #4 side) for possible roof ventilation.
Cockloft fire makes roof access via adjoining building scuttle access too dangerous.
Use ladders only for roof access. 6.Primary life hazard: in on the fire floor apartment. Also top floor of exposure #2 and 4. 7.Interior fire spread: To cockloft and exposure # 2 and #4. 8.Exterior fire spread: Possible flames lapping out of top floor windows, front or rear, may spread to cockloft
through the eaves. 9.Collapse hazard: ceiling collapse,If fire involves entire building possible collapse of roof. 10. Worse case scenario: The building could have lightweight truss constructed floors and roof.
Flames spread to cockloft via vertical voids. Cockloft fire may already have spread to exposure # 2, and 2A,
and 2B, and 2C, and 2D, etc. Note: FDNY Fireground designation system (clockwise) 1. is the street 2. is the left side ( as you face the front of the building)
3. is the rear. 4. is the right side.

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