Strategy and Tactics Challenge


Photo by: Warren Fuchs Brooklyn Dispatcher


Multiple Dwelling (MD) 
Four story
Ordinary construction (Class 3)
Fire Location:
The cellar

Challenge Questions

1. Destination of first attack hose line?_________________________

2. Destination of second hose line?_________________________

3. Portable ladder position?_________________________

4. Primary ventalition?_________________________

5. Aerial ladder position?_________________________

6. Primary life hazard location?_________________________

7. Interior fire spread problem?_________________________

8. Exterior fire spread problem?_________________________

9. Collapse hazard?_________________________

10. Worst case scenario?_________________________

Note: FDNY Fireground designation system (clockwise) 1. is the street 2. is the left side ( as you face the front of the building) 3. is the rear. 4. is the right side.

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