Queens College, C.U.N.Y

Adjunct Professor, Manhattan College
Course "Fire Protection Design"
Adjunct Professor, John Jay College
Course "Building Construction and Life Safety Systems"
Instructor, National Fire Academy
Course "Command and Control of Major Fires and Emergencies"

Textbook: "Strategy of Firefighting"
Published by PennWell Publishing, 2007
Textbook: "Command and Control of Fires and Emergencies"
Published by PennWell books, 1999
Textbook, "Safety and Survival on the Fireground"
Published by PennWell books, l992
Textbook, "Collapse of Burning Buildings"
Published by PennWell books, l988

Editor, FDNY Home Page
Contributing editor, "WNYF" magazine
official training magazine of FDNY
Contributing editor, "Firehouse" magazine
Column titled "Safety and Survival on the Fireground"
Contributing editor, "Fire Engineering" magazine
Column titled "Firefighting Strategy and Tactics"

42 years service with the New York City Fire Department
7 years a firefighter
9 years a company officer
26 years a chief officer

Field Commander, directing strategy and tactics
at fires in high rise buildings,
low rise buildings, major emergencies and
hazardous material incidents

Advisor: to National Institute of Standards and Technology and (IAFF)
year 2010 Fire Company Crew Size Study
Fire Analyst: NBC, CNN, FETN
National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health,
review and comment National firefighter death investigations
National Institute of Standards and Technology,
Expert Investigator: emergency response to World Trade Center on 9-11

National Fire Protection Association, member since l972
New York City Fire Chief Association, member since l973
New York State Association of Fire Chiefs, member since l99l

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