Welcome home FDNY Chief Vincent Dunn! The most prolific author in the fire service is returning to where it all started to publish his next book. Building Construction: The Firefighter’s Battlespace is coming soon. In his latest book, Chief Dunn declares firefighting is a war and buildings the firefighter’s battlespace. Chief Dunn says a battlespace is the total fire environment, the inside and outside of a burning building. A battlespace is not just the room and fire, it includes much more. Chief Dunn also tells us about firefighting “game changers” in this book. A “game changer” is notification of an event, construction feature or fire growth that changes an incident commander’s thinking or strategy. Book proceeds will help support the lifesaving mission of New York City Fire Department (FDNY) and FDNY Foundation. Pre-order at fdnypro.org/book

Learn about command presence, Develop a fireground strategy.

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